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Is our focus and our vision.

All we do is work around the brand through the horizontal thinking strategy: outside the box there are several scenarios and different alternatives. Around brand we improve analytical examination and an emotional research on what you believe, what you stand for.

Looking for life symbols and true elements that re?ect your values, evoke desire, inspire con?dence, passion, belonging, trust. Revealing what you love, will tell a lot about who you are and the idea you have in mind. Because your brand is a relationship with your customer. We will build it together.




is our skill, our project planning capabilities to deliver what we promise.

We are a thinking company, and we trust our capacity to enter in relationship with you and your business idea. In this mutual exchange process we will find the best ways to structure your brand.

This comes from a mix of people skills available in the new FUD world that generates a continuous dialogue creating in-depth insights and ambitious solutions. At the end of this process, connecting the customer with the product idea and with the Brand Promise will prove effortless.

It's diffcult to describe: you need to experience it.
FUD People make a difference.


Is the place where all this comes true.

Our new structure has a physical value and a knowledge value. Physical because now we are making brand in an 1.000 sqm open and flexible space with 3 asiles, 2 for creative work and one for meetings and events.

Knowledge because in Lombardini22 there's an extended and attractive team, made up of experts in architecture, design, marketing, graphics and even economics who work together, side by side, to fall in love with your brand.

Come and visit our Factory, we will be happy to have a coffee with you.

We love discover your trait
to brand you, as you are.

What you value, what you believe in.

So we can think horizontally,
Outside the box, beyond boundaries.

And, finally, definitely, clearly,
like an insight,

we see your identity
and what sets you apart from the crowd.

Exactly at this moment,
we move vertically over your Brand.

It’s all like a factory:
a Brand Making Factory


Insight & Foresight
Brand Architecture
Market Analysis
Brand idea & brand positioning
Touch-points mapping
New market strategy
Innovation & Opportunity mapping
Creative Platform
Naming & Copywriting


Brand visual identity elements
Retail & Environments
Signage and way-finding
Content production
Service Design & Implementation
Web/mobile platforms
Digital branding & marketing
User experience & Web design
Mobile & Cross device platform


Brand user-experience
Customer journey design
Digital brand strategy and behaviour
Digital ecosystems and service design
Employee engagement
Employer branding and EVP
Implementation planning
Interior spaces and environments
Launch planning and events
Social media Activities


Architecture, physical space, has fabulous communication potential. FUD makes it express the identity of its inhabitants, the values people share. For company headquarters, for example, FUD uses the physical design process involved in architecture to create expressive-experiential spaces, in which the people using them can really feel the corporate culture and spread its values, the real guidelines behind special image-making. 

In a nutshell, just take a look at the Heineken offices in Sesto San Giovanni, Nestlé headquarters in Assago, Alcatel Lucent offices in Vimercate… 

In the architectural design of shopping malls, business parks or multipurpose centres, for example, FUD creates a place’s identity, from the initial concept to how it is communicated, based on processes of real-estate placement, branding, territorial marketing, way-finding and signage. It traces out distinctive pathways, guiding people along them in an experience to be enjoyed.

As in the case of Segreen, where everything from the signage, website, 3-D mapping and opening event is coordinated around the brand, the entire project is brand-co-ordinated. 

FUD draws on an emotional and creative approach to branding spaces and encourages the forming of an empathetic link between the architecture and people using it.


This is, perhaps, one of the markets FUD studies most closely, because it is evolving so rapidly: the boundary between physical and virtual spaces is fading fast; indeed it may no longer actually exist. The change is sociological. Purchasing is increasingly a virtual process. And the way a store is actually perceived is altering to turn it into a beautiful showroom, an exhibition space for products and values, a physical showcase for a much more extensive space and an experience to be enjoyed.

The great challenge is: how to make purchasing a real experience and how to convey the values underscoring a brand through both physical and virtual space.  FUD creates new store experiences based around amazement, playfulness and entertaining the senses. It knows that consumers are looking for more tangible forms of gratification deriving from the novelty of what they are experiencing. The brand that can offer something more than all the others will gain the upper hand and with it their customers’ loyalty.

Tim, Vodafone, Dentaly, Nespresso… are just some leading brands that have asked FUD to design the concept for a new kind of purchasing experience.

Lots of shopping malls have also opted for FUD’s visual design expertise in order to upgrade and innovate. New graphics, new signage, a new coordinated image, new logo, new name. There is a growing need to communicate in the retail industry, in order to create real ties with the physical surroundings, people and their lifestyles. An opportunity not to be missed.


Raising a technical product’s status to make it a discriminating factor in purchasing, handling consumer relations to create a brand image and brand awareness on a par with the final product. Now this really is a quite different matter.

A material can be much more than just an intrinsic part of the product. Indeed, it actually embodies the brand itself. Attaining this goal means increasing the market power of the entire industry and working alongside consumers to advise and reassure them. But it also means providing something extra in addition to what is offered by the finished product.

FUD works with companies in the BtoB industry right through the entire process until they reach the status of BtoC players.

Kiian is a perfect case study: market repositioning, redefining the company’s value structure, rebranding, developing the first brand-manifesto, and a system of integrated design tools.


For the hospitality industry, FUD focuses on the most distinctive and typical aspects of Italian hospitality. It creates an intriguing style based on the location’s identity, people’s desires and what makes them happy. 

Everything revolves around the brand and how it is communicated through the setting, in synch with the very latest solutions. Likewise for Touring Club Italiano and its Bandiere Arancioni, it designed a communication project for a selection of top-class places meeting very definite needs and achieving the highest standards while remaining extremely accessible and person-friendly. It seems easy, but it is not: values, standards and selection guidelines need to be focused on while bringing out the qualities of places and making them even more user-oriented. And the same applies to so many other projects.

The identity of a place is a “special” value that certain real, physical places have. It is only at the precise moment when this value is communicated that it really takes shape and makes itself felt. This is how a place really comes to life and starts to exist.

FUD identifies a value, gives its shape and conveys it.


In the realm of lifestyle, FUD is always looking for the very latest trends to be incorporated in branding projects. In other words, FUD likes to catch the right wave, searching it out from all the others even when it is still in the distance. Just like a surfer who can sense the right wave. And then alongside “external” research, there is also research within the brand: what is their focus? What makes them stand out from their competitors? Lifestyle is an elegant and dynamic combination of existing trends and a brand’s own talents.

FUD likes to work with craftsmen and up-and-coming youngsters, so that it can experiment with innovative communication plans and invent new trends.

The most exciting challenges come with leading brands, like Adidas and Reebok. For these companies it develops projects along global guidelines, focusing on even the tiniest details and interpreting them in accordance with the very latest trends in the countries in which they operate.

It also designs campaigns focusing on individual stores created based on studies into sociocultural and graphic-visual dynamics, both in Italy and abroad.


FUD was created for the food industry. This is the sector in which everything began. As greedy as anybody, it chooses both typical and innovative ingredients, cutting-edge trends and old traditions. By mixing them together it focuses directly on mouth-watering new solutions for the food industry, inventing and communicating innovative services.

Primo Taglio offers a full menu: FUD designed the entire branding architecture from just a business idea, following every stage in its creation: from the general concept to the creation of corporate tools, covering everything from the name, logo, packaging and all the tools required for communicating the brand and its values.

The FUD has great experience in the food industry, covering everything associated with branding with a view to stimulating needs, enhancing ideas and communicating solutions. And while the clients were filling their bellies with new branding solutions, FUD stuffed itself with branding. That is how the chicken came to explode.


FUD is always moving forward by natural inclination and experience, turning passion into a profession. It is always great to work with clients in this way, sharing their own passions. We are instinctively on the same wavelength.
Fud was born curious and our curiosity turns us into hunters of new markets to work for, experiment with and innovate.