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Design Thinking

Lombardini22 is a leading company in the architectural and engineering field, based in Italy but operating worldwide through two entities: L22, specialized in architectural and engineering design in the Retail, Offce and Hospitality sectors and DEGW, a leader in strategic planning focusing on the processes of working and the interaction between the physical workspace and company performance. Established in 2007, and since then has used the "design thinking" method, based on the full involvement of the client in leadership and control of the project and on the interaction of the various expertise.

Retail & Architecture

L22 is an architectural and engineering company specialized in planning Retail, Offce and Hospitality markets working in Office and Hospitality markets working in L22's commitment is professional excellence and customer care, it believes in organizational strength and has developed a coherent management system for a service company, developing quality projects and making the client fully aware of schedules and costs for the work. In the field of engineering there is a strong specialization in energy conservation, paying particular attention to the design of the building system and LEED and BREAM certificate processes with outstandingqualities in designing Data Centers.

Space Planning & Interior Design

DEGW is a strategic consultancy which integrates research, strategy, and design concepts to develop appropriate solutions globally, regionally, and locally. Founded in 1973 by Duffy, Eley, Giffone and Worthington, DEGW is an international advisory company specialized in integrated design of work environments. Since 1985 it has been in Italy with DEGW Italia. Thanks to an approach based on research and examination of organizational behaviours and how they are affected by the physical environment, DEGW for more than thirty years has been able to help companies and improve their performance by adapting the workspace to the corporate strategies and people's requirements. Thanks to its experience, DEGW Italia provides a valuable contribution to understanding the relationship between people, work processes and designing spaces to improve business results: People, Place, Performance.

Branding & Communication

The new FUD Brand Making Factory was created out of a combination of experience, expertise and ideas. It is now part of Lombardini 22's creative factory.Together with Lorenzo and Giacomo, Anna and Domenico work shoulder to shoulder with consultants, engineers, economists... sharing expertise and knowledge that are woven together in every single project. FUD's branding experience is now even more all-encompassing and exciting. Its horizontal thinking has been widened to encompass more markets and more services. Its potential in the world of branding is growing along with its structural, administrative and financial solidity.The new partnership perfectly represents The new partnership perfectly represents synthesis and clarity; credibility and reliability; design strength; teamwork; dynamism; innovation.